International Project of the Public Union “For Human Rights”

The Decline of Europe

The development of socio-political and economic processes in Europe and the world as a whole is conducive to rapidly growing topicality of the issue of a crisis of liberal values in Europe. The crisis is especially apparent in light of democratic recession witnessed in recent years in newly formed states, particularly in the post-Soviet countries, former members of the socialist camp, now integrated into European political and socio-cultural area. The crisis of liberal values in the so-called States with democracy problems is attributable not only to intensifying authoritative political predilections of political elites of these States (though the role of political elites is decisive), but to some deeply-rooted reasons as well. Note that the crisis of value system in many countries of Eastern Europe, CIS, including Azerbaijan, is, to a considerable degree, conditioned by the current crisis of liberal values and the multiculturalism in Europe.

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