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Main page Choice of Germany as the initial monitoring country Background “On the Crisis of Liberal Values and Multiculturalism in Europe” Objectives, character and methodology of monitoring Part I. Crisis of multiculturalism Part II. Corruption Part III. Violation of freedom of expression Part IV. Challenges in penitentiary, law enforcement and judicial systems of Germany, drawbacks in the legislative practice Part V. Unwarranted use of force when dispersing actions of protest Part VI. Observance of human rights in the system of education of Germany Conclusion The Public Union “For Human Rights”

The Public Union “For Human Rights” is a non-governmental organization founded in July 2011 by the well-known public figure of the country, former political prisoner and prisoner of conscience  Eynulla Fatullayev and registered on September 29 same year with the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic. Organization’s activity is backed by the Institute Open Society, Norwegian Foreign Ministry, German Foreign Minister, Black Sea Trust and other international donors.

The Public Union ”For Human Rights” and the related information-analytical and monitoring portal set forth an objective to actively promote the development of legal state and formation of civil society; protect rights and freedoms of physical and legal entities as provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic. 

Objectives of the Public Union “For Human Rights”: 

To promote the legal development and democratization of the Azerbaijan state as a basis of respect for human rights;

Guidelines of the Public Union’s activity:

About our portal

The Internet-portal is designed to act as the center of legal education and civil mobilization of broader masses seeking to unite their efforts in protecting human rights protection and consolidation of civil society principles.

Internet-portal haqqin.azprovides current information about the activity of the Public Union “For Human Rights” and developments in the third sector; reference data and analytical materials on human rights, reviews and commentaries on major events in the country and worldwide; thematic interviews, expert opinions; consultations in the question-answer format, etc.

On our portal you may familiarize yourself not only with the latest news but also learn “first hand” views of the noted public and political figures of the country on the topical issues of civil society building and get acquainted with social projects currently under way in the country and worldwide.

We are instrumental in establishing functional communication between various social organizations; seeking to act as information-analytical and methodical platform to carry on dialog with members of the public. 

Portal is engaged in advocacy of rights of physical and legal entities; seeks to radically change the situation around observance law and protection of human rights.

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