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The Decline of Europe

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Choice of Germany as the initial monitoring country

Main page Choice of Germany as the initial monitoring country Background “On the Crisis of Liberal Values and Multiculturalism in Europe” Objectives, character and methodology of monitoring Part I. Crisis of multiculturalism Part II. Corruption Part III. Violation of freedom of expression Part IV. Challenges in penitentiary, law enforcement and judicial systems of Germany, drawbacks in the legislative practice Part V. Unwarranted use of force when dispersing actions of protest Part VI. Observance of human rights in the system of education of Germany Conclusion The Public Union “For Human Rights”

We intentionally started our comparative analysis and identification of systemic crisis of liberal values and ideas of multiculturalism in a number of European countries with the situation in Germany. Why Germany? Our choice is conditioned, on the one hand, by sustainable democratic image, important political and economic status and a particular dominant role of this country in the world and European processes and, on the other hand, by the progressing contrast tendency of crisis of multiculturalism ideas, principles of tolerance and liberal values in the social and political life of Germany in the recent years.

The choice of Germany as initial country for our monitoring has conceptual-methodological and specific factual substantiation. From conceptual and methodological standpoint, we consider it more logical and effective to keep to the following principles of countries’ monitoring: 

- To start monitoring with countries of higher democratic rating (according to the last Democracy Index table of many international organizations) and further with the countries of comparatively lower indices.

- To start monitoring with stronger, larger powers (by their territories, populations, political, social and economic significance, influence potential, etc.) and then go over to countries of lesser importance.

Based on these methodological principles, we consider it appropriate to choose Germany as initial country for monitoring of the crisis of liberal European values. According to the aggregate effect of the two criteria (democracy and significance indices), Germany is above other European states we are going to test during the project implementation. At the same time, the choice of Germany as the initial country has a specific factual substantiation with due regard to some alarming tendencies in the social and political life of this country indicating the symptoms of democratic recession.

In summarizing and systematizing the latest facts that have been in the focus of particular attention of international human rights protection organizations, expert and media circles of Germany and other countries, it is possible to focus on some problematic aspects within the framework of our monitoring:

  1. Crisis of multiculturalism and lowering of the level of ethno-confessional tolerance, drawbacks in immigration policy;
  2. Problems in Germany’s penitentiary, law enforcement and legal system, deficiencies in the legislative practice;
  3. Infringement of human rights, freedom of speech and assembly, unwarranted use of force during dispersal of protest actions.
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